That’s it guys, the conclusion of the “Jason finds out” mini-arc. ^___^ 
Links to part 1,2 and 3, as well as the Chronology of a friendship masterpost
This particular dialogue completely wrote itself in my mind when I first read a post from someone thinking Nico would hate Jason because of what his father did, and then I got carried away with this little story and it ended wayyyy longer than I first intended. ;p
I genuinely don’t think Nico would judge Jason based on what Zeus/Jupiter did. Let’s not forget that the first thing Nico did after discovering the truth about his past and his mother’s death was to convince Hades to forget his resentment and join the Olympians in the war against Chronos. 
I might not have made that noticeable enough in the way I draw them, but to me this mini-arc happens a couple of years after Gaia’s defeat, so Jason has had the time to break through Nico’s walls and they already share a real friendship by the time the events of part 1 happens .

Thanks to Fimyuan for beta-reading the comics for me, to Cece for her willingness to help, and to all of you who answered my questions about posting multiple pictures ^^