Turn of The Story, Part XI


' “My cousin saw that I was somewhat downcast after my—misreading and mistreatment of you, and she took me to a place where she assured me that my suffering would be eased.”

Elliot stared. “Serene,” he began. “Are you talking about what I think you’re talking about? Did you go to an elf brothel?”

“I should not talk so in front of a gentleman!” Serene burst out. “It—it may well have been somewhere that there were, ah, men of a persuadable nature—no, that is to say, men of the evening—”

“ELF BROTHEL,” said Elliot.’

The next part of Turn of the Story is now up and it has some mature themes like ELF BROTHELS:

(EDITED TO ADD: livejournal apparently spontaneously deleted the original post, and all the lovely discussion with it. I am greatly sad and weep into my pillow. But I put up the story part again as fast as I could: here it is.)

It is not the last part! I am SO SORRY! I blame this on the fever of my sickness or possibly some sickness I have had since birth. But the next part will be the last part, and it will be up on September the 9th! 

The adventures of the grouchiest and least impressed kid in a magical land ever started with Part I, ONE MILLION YEARS AGO when we were all younger and thought this was a short story:

After gushing about it to my friends all week, I realized I should link The Turn of The Story, a novel-length fantasy story Sarah Rees Brennan has been posting online in parts. I’ve been enthusiastically recommending her works, especially the Lynburn Legacy series, to anyone interested in the genre for a while, but this one has really gone above and beyond in addressing issues like sexism and the perpetuation of violence while being chock-full of Sarah Rees Brennan’s usual wit and sarcasm. I’m dying for the next part. (Mark has also read most of this series)




Finally! I feel like I made this so long ago, but today Light Grey Art Lab posted up all of the fantastic work that was created for their show that’s opening next week - Rolemodels Battle for Vyk’tornaahl. This image will be featured as one of many character cards featured in LGALs official card game of the same name. I AM SO EXCITED. I cannot wait to receive the set and cherish it forever.

You can view the gallery of work here.

Buy the card game here!

Prints here!

Excuse me while I patiently reblog my favourites from this show for the next couple of days

this is so artfully crafted, Matt