A fellow RISD friend Devon is the senior concept artist at Motiga and they are about to be releasing Gigantic, which looks like a whole basket of awesome. The character design and the whole visual layout just straight up wins all the points. 

Check out Devon’s work here: Gorrem

And go to the Gigantic website and watch the video! It will make your brain melt.  

Had to reblog! These gifs of our trailer are hawt. Thanks Justin!



Saurian is an open world, survival based game experience, giving players the opportunity to take control of several different species of dinosaur. Players will attempt to survive through several life stages, fulfilling physical needs while avoiding predators and environmental hazards in a dynamic landscape. Our goal is to provide the most captivating dinosaur experience ever developed for commercial gaming, giving the player the first true chance to live like a dinosaur. 








My earlier Project Crynosaurs post.

Formerly know as Project Crynosaurs, Saurian is a dinosaur sim game project being created by some friends of mine, with scientific accuracy in the forefront of their minds. Being an indie game, and a dinosaur game, everyone should spread the love and get the word out about this fantastic game that’s in the works!

At the very least, signal boost for that positively gorgeous, PALEONTOLOGIST APPROVED feathered rex based on the latest scientific knowledge and discoveries! You won’t see dinosaurs like these in any other current game!

PLEASE reblog this, my dinosaur friends. This game and the people behind it deserve recognition for their hard work and the amazing game they’re bringing to the world.

You are so beautiful….to me.

From Emily Carroll:
"The Yawhg is a game I made last year with Damian Sommer, as part of the Comics Vs Games jam that was going on during TCAF. I spoke about it back then and I think showed some artwork from it, harbouring some vague plans of eventually posting more — and then of course forgot to entirely. I wanted to rectify that now and show some screens and artwork from the game (just as a note, there’s no place/no plans to play this online at present).

This was a four person game that consisted of six turns, each one representing a week in the game world. Each turn a player could choose a location on the map, then choose from one of two options of what to spend that week doing. Damian is amazing and did so much writing for this, including random events tailored to each location (which I do enjoy a whole lot).”

More at the name link.